Understanding Music Streaming: A Guide for Beginners

Understanding Music Streaming: A Guide for Beginners


Music streaming in the 20th century

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Welcome to our beginner’s guide to understanding streaming. This guide is designed to help individuals with little to no knowledge of the streaming industry understand which service best caters to their needs, without delving too deeply into technical details.

Key Features of Streaming Services

1. Music Library Size

  • Spotify, Apple Music: Extensive libraries with a wide range of genres.
  • Tidal, Qobuz: Focus on high-quality audio with a more specialized selection.

2. Audio Quality

  • Standard Streaming (Spotify, Apple Music): Offers compressed audio formats suitable for general listening.
  • HiFi Streaming (Tidal, Qobuz): Provides lossless, high-fidelity audio for an enhanced listening experience.

3. User Interface and Ease of Use

  • Spotify, Apple Music: Known for their user-friendly interfaces, making navigation and music discovery straightforward.
  • Tidal, Qobuz: May have a steeper learning curve but offer advanced features for audiophiles.

4. Music Discovery Features

  • Spotify: Renowned for its personalized playlists and music discovery algorithms.
  • Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer: Offer curated playlists and radio stations, with varying degrees of personalization.

5. Device Compatibility

  • Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music: Broad compatibility across various devices and platforms.
  • Tidal, Qobuz: Compatible with high-end audio equipment and support HiFi streaming.

6. Subscription Plans and Pricing

  • Ad-Supported Free Tiers (Spotify, YouTube Music): Available for free with ads and some limitations.
  • Premium Plans (All major services): Monthly subscription fees vary, offering ad-free experience and additional features.

7. Content Beyond Music

  • Spotify, Apple Music: Include podcasts and other audio content.
  • Tidal: Offers exclusive videos and artist content.

Choosing the Right Service for You

1. Prioritize Audio Quality

  • Choose Tidal or Qobuz for high-resolution audio.
  • Opt for Spotify or Apple Music for standard quality and a larger music selection.

2. Consider Your Budget

  • If cost is a concern, Spotify’s free tier might be the right choice.
  • For premium features without ads, compare the monthly subscription costs of different services.

3. Look at Music Discovery and Personalization

  • Spotify is ideal for personalized music discovery.
  • Apple Music and Tidal also offer strong curated content but with different approaches.

4. Evaluate Device Ecosystem and Integration

  • Apple Music integrates seamlessly with Apple devices.
  • Spotify and Amazon Music offer broader compatibility with various devices and smart home systems.

5. Explore Content Beyond Music

  • If you’re interested in podcasts, Spotify has a vast range.
  • For exclusive artist content and videos, Tidal is a strong contender.

6. Artist Compensation

  1. Tidal: Offers one of the higher payout rates, ranging from $0.0125 to $0.015 per stream.
  2. Apple Music: Pays a higher rate per stream compared to many other services, with amounts varying from $0.006 to $0.008 per stream.
  3. Deezer: Pays artists between $0.005 and $0.007 per stream on average.
  4. Amazon Music: Payouts range between $0.004 and $0.007 per stream.
  5. Spotify: Pays between $0.003 and $0.005 per stream. A controversial thorn in their side as they are the biggest streaming service.
  6. YouTube Music: Offers the lowest payouts, between $0.001 and $0.003 per stream.

The choice of a streaming service depends on your personal preferences in audio quality, budget, music discovery, and device ecosystem. Each service has its unique strengths and caters to different needs, so consider what aspects are most important to you in your listening experience.

Spotify is the most well-known and popular service.
Apple Music is another very popular streaming service, recommended if you already use other Apple services.
Youtube Music is recommended for people that, you guessed it, use Youtube a lot.
Tidal is a very good alternative with fun exclusives but a smaller catalog (which still includes tens of millions of songs). Tidal and Qobuz are considered the prime services for audiophiles.
Qobuz is another excellent service for audiophiles. Their advantage lays in their incredible collection of classical and jazz music.
Deezer offers a large music library, personalized streaming with Flow, high-quality FLAC audio, lyrics integration, wide device compatibility, and offline listening. It is an excellent alternative to the big players.

Simplified Music Streaming Service Selection Grid

This grid is designed for newcomers to music streaming, providing a straightforward way to match basic needs with the most suitable streaming service.

Your NeedBest Streaming Service Option
Large Variety of MusicSpotify, Apple Music
High-Quality SoundTidal HiFi, Qobuz
Free Listening OptionSpotify Free, YouTube Music
Easy to Use InterfaceSpotify, Apple Music
Integration with Devices (e.g., phones, speakers)Spotify (broad compatibility), Apple Music (for Apple devices)
Access to Podcasts and RadioSpotify, Apple Music

Comprehensive Music Streaming Service Selection Grid

For those seeking a more detailed breakdown, this grid covers a wide range of specific needs and the best streaming services for each.

Your Need / PreferenceBest Streaming Service Option
Extensive and Diverse Music LibrarySpotify, Apple Music
High-Resolution Audio QualityTidal HiFi, Qobuz
Budget-Friendly (Free or Cheaper Options)Spotify Free, YouTube Music
User-Friendly InterfaceSpotify, Apple Music
Strong Personalized Music DiscoverySpotify, Deezer
Device Ecosystem IntegrationApple Music, Spotify
Podcasts and Extra ContentSpotify, Apple Music
Exclusive Content (Videos, Albums)Tidal
Classical and Jazz FocusQobuz
Artist Support and Fair PayTidal
Family and Student PlansSpotify, Apple Music
High-End Audio Equipment CompatibilityTidal, Qobuz
Curated Playlists and Editorial ContentApple Music, Qobuz
Smart Home Device IntegrationAmazon Music, Spotify
Music Videos and VisualsYouTube Music, Apple Music
Social Features (Sharing, Collaborating)Spotify
Global Music VarietyDeezer, Spotify
Offline Listening CapabilityAll major services
Ad-Free ExperiencePremium versions of all services
Easy Switching Between DevicesSpotify, Apple Music
Lossless Audio for AudiophilesTidal HiFi, Qobuz
Radio and Automated PlaylistsApple Music, Spotify
Multi-Platform AccessibilitySpotify, Deezer

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