hi-fi & music PODCASTS

The Jay Jay French Connection

Dive into the musical world with Jay Jay French, the legendary guitarist of Twisted Sister, and acclaimed record producer/manager, as he unveils five decades of behind-the-scenes stories and insights from the industry. Start the podcast here.

The Hifi Podcast with Darren and Duncan

Parasound’s VP of R&D Darren Myers and YG Acoustics’ Marketing Director Duncan Taylor discuss all things HiFi audio, covering such audiophile topics as speakers, amplifiers, DACs, preamplifiers, vinyl, cables, music, stereo soundstages, tweaks, adjustments and much more. Start the podcast here.


Get cosy with your host Andrew Male, and the MOJO family of record lovers, musicians and fans, as we hunt down classic albums, gems we’ve yet to discover, brand new revelations – and much more. View the podcast here.

Dans La Loge (french)

“DANS LA LOGE” est un podcast animé par Frédéric Darveau et François D’Amours et dédié au métier de musicien au Québec. Chaque épisode offre une plongée captivante dans le métier de musicien, en mettant en lumière les défis, les réussites et les expériences uniques du milieu de la scène musicale québécoise. Ce podcast offre une plateforme aux musiciens et musiciennes pour partager des expériences, discuter des problématiques du métier, proposer des solutions innovantes et présenter des performances musicales avec des invités. Débutez le podcast ici.

Disques & Tourne-disques (french)

La chaine francophone des passionnés de disques et de tourne-disques. La chaîne YouTube incontournable pour les amateurs de vinyles, offrant critiques, démonstrations et conseils d’experts pour enrichir votre expérience musicale. Voir la chaîne Youtube.


The podcast features engaging dialogues with musicians and industry professionals from various levels, as well as with everyday individuals, exploring their connection to music and sound. It delves into the intricate details and the profound passion that unites everyone through music. The podcast aims to map out this journey by sharing inspiring stories, humorous anecdotes, and the common threads that bind people in their love and enthusiasm for music. It underscores the idea that music is a unifying force, connecting people as one through its universal language. Start the podcast here.

Jiles McCoy Live

Welcome to “Jiles McCoy Live,” the go-to podcast for enthusiasts of Home Theater, HiFi, Technology, and Gaming. This show is a comprehensive guide, covering everything from the deep bass of subwoofers to the latest in processors, Atmos, and speakers. For those who enjoy do-it-yourself projects, there’s plenty to explore. Moreover, if you’re seeking insightful product reviews, you’re in the right place. See the latest episodes here.


“The Audiophiliac” is a podcast dedicated to those who truly cherish the sound of music. It’s for listeners for whom music is a pivotal part of life, guiding them in their quest for the finest audio equipment, be it speakers, headphones, amplifiers, turntables, or digital converters. Whether one’s preference lies in analog, digital, or live music experiences, this podcast resonates with those on a lifelong auditory journey. With a focus on aiding audiophiles in their continuous quest for audio perfection, “The Audiophiliac” serves as a helpful companion in the ever-evolving world of music listening. Start the podcast here.


“Secret Sonics” offers a platform for genuine discussions with music producers and audio professionals from around the world. The podcast delves into their creative processes, uncovering the sources of their inspiration to create remarkable music. Listeners are invited to join in weekly to gain insights from these global audio experts and to discover the secrets behind crafting amazing music. Start the podcast here.

Darko.Audio Podcast

The “Darko.Audio podcast” is specifically tailored for Music-First Audiophiles, offering a unique perspective on the world of high-fidelity audio. It’s a treasure trove of insights for those who prioritize musicality and sonic excellence in their audio experience. Start the podcast here.

NAXOS Classical Spotlight

“Naxos Classical Spotlight” explores the world of classical music. Along the way host Raymond Bisha shares the stories about the music, and the musicians who make it.  Raymond has been involved in classical music as a professional French Horn player, broadcaster, opera tour manager, concert organizer and since 2005 as a podcaster for Naxos. Start the podcast here.

the ecoustics podcast

eCoustics, a passionate authority on music, movies, HiFi audio, headphones, and home theater, has been a prominent voice in the A/V industry since 1999. The podcast brings together a diverse group of journalists, audiophiles, industry experts, and special guests for lively and sometimes controversial discussions on the latest developments in audio, video, and music. Catering to a wide range of listeners, from those who appreciate the classic sound of stereo loudspeakers and tube amps to those embracing wireless technology and streaming services, eCoustics offers expert insights for enjoying music and movies in various formats and settings. Start the podcast here.

The Occasional Podcast

Join “The Occasional Podcast” for a journey centered around high fidelity listening. This audio-focused exploration delves into gear discussions, offers recommendations, and features interviews. It provides a wealth of fascinating insights into the realms of high-end and personal audio, including the intricacies of manufacturing and the vibrant community that shapes this hobby. Start the podcast here.

Audiophile Style

“Audiophile Style” stands as a beacon for those who value quality over quantity and elegance over the commonplace. Focused on high-tech and high-fidelity, it redefines home audio experience. The podcast delves deep into HiFi products, concepts, and services, offering listeners a unique blend of sophistication and expertise. It features interviews with prominent figures in the audio industry, becoming a go-to resource for new product releases. Start the podcast here.

Sound Advice For The Audiophile

“Sound Advice For The Audiophile” is a podcast uniquely crafted around audio production, incorporating elements of visual and video disciplines. The show primarily focuses on content relevant to African-American Houses of Worship, providing a specialized perspective on audio and visual production in these spiritual and community spaces. Start the podcast here.

Bedroom Beethoven

“Bedroom Beethovens” is a podcast where the journeys of notable music-makers are unraveled, accompanied by their songs and melodies. It showcases the evolution and dedication of these artists, highlighting their 10,000-hour journey of growth and creativity. Each episode invites a musician to share the process behind their beloved music and the personal sacrifices involved in its creation. Start the podcast here.

The Audiophile Radio Show

“The Audiophile Radio Show” is a monthly arts and music broadcast that concentrates on the vibrant arts scene in Yorkshire, England. This show offers a unique spotlight on local talent and cultural events, providing listeners with a rich blend of music and artistic discussions pertinent to the region. See the latest episodes here.

Hanging Out With Audiophiles

Hosted by Jamie Lidell, “Hanging Out With Audiophiles” takes listeners on an exploratory journey into the intricate world of music creation within a modern studio. Delving into production depths, it covers a range of topics including mixing techniques, studio skills, and equipment. The podcast features a lineup of musicians, engineers, and audiophiles who generously share their expertise, stories, and unique insights gleaned from the often eccentric realm of music production. Start the podcast here.

Passion for Sound Podcast

Join the “Passion for Sound” podcast, hosted by Lachlan, where he engages in enlightening discussions with industry insider, Chris Strom. Together, they dive into various audio-related topics and answer questions from listeners, offering expert insights into the world of high-quality sound and music. Start the podcast here.