PMA Fundraiser

PMA Fundraiser

Dear readers,

As you might know, PMA is an independent consumer audio and music magazine that prides itself on doing things differently. For the past three years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to bringing you an authentic listening experience. Our commitment? Absolute authenticity. We steer clear of commercial influences, ensuring that what you hear from us is genuine, unfiltered, and true to our values.

However, independence comes with its challenges. To continue our journey of honest journalism and to maintain the quality of content you love, we find ourselves turning to you, our community, for support. Think of it a bit like Wikipedia – occasionally, they reach out for a helping hand to keep their platform thriving. We’re in a similar boat.

Your contributions, no matter how small, will help us sustain our operations and continue to deliver the content you trust and enjoy. It’s your support that empowers us to remain independent and keep our ears to the ground, listening and sharing stories that matter, without any external pressures or biases.

Every donation, big or small, makes a significant difference and ensures the longevity of PMA. Let’s keep the authentic sound of independent journalism alive together.

Thank you so much for being a part of our journey.

The PMA Team