The Four Seasons: Vivaldi & Piazzolla Is My Favorite LP I’ve Ever Owned

The Four Seasons: Vivaldi & Piazzolla Is My Favorite LP I’ve Ever Owned

Seldom does an LP’s visual presentation rival the artistry of its music.

Having seen the orchestra this past weekend at the Maison Symphonique in Montréal, where the album was recorded, I can attest that the quality of the recording matches the live presentation. In fact, the only thing that’s missing from the album is the symphony of coughs that permeated the concert. At times, it felt like the conductor, Francis Choinière, turned around to conduct the coughchestra, a string of 7-8 loud coughs following each other from all over the room in a way that it almost felt coordinated.

A previous presentation

The FILMharmonic Orchestra that accompanied Isabella d’Éloize Perron and the aforementioned conductor Francis Choinière matched the intensity of the young violonist, who gave quite the performance with her animated playing. Her embodiment of the music she played in her sparkling green gown added a layer of spectacle that only someone who truly masters their instrument could give. The house was packed, and no seats were left empty, save for the ones in front of me and my partner. Whatever happened to those four people who couldn’t make it that night, I thank you for your service and wish you the best.

Montréal was the second city in their north-american tour, after Quebec City. The american leg of the tour will feature shows in Philadelphia, Boston & New York City. See the whole list here. The concert was short & sweet, lasting for about 45 minutes and leaving us wanting more of this incredible synergy, which is where the LP comes in. Why the LP, in particular? I myself am more of a streamer when it comes to music, and I would never discourage somebody from buying the CD, but the vinyl is truly the only thing that renders this album justice.

The Maison Symphonique in Montréal

Take a look at this little snippet from GFN Productions’ Instagram, showing our talents rehearsing at the Maison Symphonique. Click on the video to start it.

The Vinyls of The Four Seasons: Vivaldi & Piazzolla

Now, if this masterpiece sadly does not include our beloved coughchestra, nor the baritone voice of an elderly man that can’t whisper to save his life, sporting a voice so deep it resonates through as many rows as there are musicians on the stage, this album is still very worth it. Not only for its musical content but also for the piece of art that it is.

The cover was created by none others than Seb McKinnon, an illustrator for Magic the Gathering and DC Comics, a music producer for CLANN (which I love, and was happily surprised to learn of his involvement), and the captain of the kinfables project. In an era where producers prefer to save money by making their own art with AI, it’s refreshing to have talented humans use their human skills for human projects. His Instagram page is full of beautiful illustrations, and you should definitely take a minute to look.

A beautiful addition to any collection
Why is this even an option, give me the real colors

Now, trying to do justice to this LP with my iPhone 12 camera and the light from my living room might be a sin, but it’s also truer to what you, my average living room enjoyer, will experience. I’m not trying to sell you a peach puff hoodie when the actual color is peach cream (I’ll never forgive you,

Why is this even an option, give me the real colors

But I tried my darn best, so let me guide you through the result. Funnily enough, I won’t be reviewing its musicality, I’ll let you be your own judge for that.

You’ve seen the cover already, but let me show you the cover… on the floor.

Meow that’s beautiful, undoubtedly thought my cats

As you hold your new LP, you might find yourself thinking in Spanish (with an Argentine accent), and see all four seasons parade through your window like I did. Isn’t it magical? Sí, es muy mágico. Now you’re about to open your new favorite LP, but first! Put on your darkest sunglasses. Because the glittering gold foil inside will leave you squinting like Trump looking at an eclipse with no protection.

That’s right. This is not your run-of-the-mill LP. This particular copy took 3 Spanish galleons to arrive at my doorstep, and one even sank off the coast of South America on the way. Colombia and Venezuela are already fighting over it.

Tracing my fingers over the gold foil’s incredible texture felt akin to squeezing a stress ball, I could glide my fingers over it for hours on end. It felt like very fancy braille.

Montezuma’s most precious

I had already started receiving phone calls from Fort Knox, claiming I had caused a plunge in the value of their gold reserves, when I proceeded with my next move. Opening up the LP fully, a thousand suns supernovaed at the same time right there in my living room.

“Now I Am Become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds.”

Feeling pretty much exactly like Robert Oppenheimer on July 16, 1945, my senses went all over the place. Lo and behold, a masterpiece stood before me. A masterpiece that offered no less than 3 (¡tres!) vinyls for me to enjoy.

Knowing that I was out of harm’s way after I wikipedia’d Hernán Cortés and read that he had been dead for almost 500 years, I proceeded to take the first vinyl out and put it delicately on my turntable. And there I was, transported back to the Maison Symphonique, all without the accompanying symphony of coughs.

The album is produced by GFN Productions and is sold by Forté Art & Music. You can buy it here for $120 CAD.

Happy listening.

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