Vincent Launches SA-T7 Diamond Tube Preamplifier With Ultra-rare Telefunken Tubes

Vincent Launches SA-T7 Diamond Tube Preamplifier With Ultra-rare Telefunken Tubes


Discovery of a limited collection of Telefunken PCF803 tubes leads to next-gen version of a Vincent Audio favourite

GRAND RAPIDS, MI, March 12, 2024 – Vincent Audio, a designer and manufacturer of elegant high-fidelity stereo and multichannel components, announced today the limited production run of the new SA-T7 Diamond, a tube preamplifier featuring prized German Telefunken tubes manufactured decades ago.

The new SA-T7 Diamond features the same audiophile-grade circuitry and renowned sound quality as its two predecessors, in addition to a built-in Bluetooth receiver. However, this latest version includes Telefunken PCF803 tubes that are so valuable, the designer, Frank Blöhbaum created a new version of the SA-T7 that is built around them.

“The SA-T7 Diamond represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience one of the most esteemed tubes in audio incorporated in a product that is a perfect match for their unique characteristics,” says Steve Niemi, Director of Global Sales, Pangea Audio, LLC. “No fewer than four PCF803 tubes contribute to the outstanding sonic characteristics of the SA-T7 Diamond.”

Available in both black and silver, the new SA-T7 Diamond (MSRP: US$ 3,999.95) features the original circuitry as the previous version, with the same outstanding sonic output, with an even greater sense of musicality. Linear amplification is combined with extreme low-noise characteristics, thanks in part to the BestPentode-circuit, developed by Mr. Blöhbaum, that eliminates the electrical current noise often associated with pentode tubes. The BestPentode stage employed on the SA-T7 Diamond boasts a much higher gain with less noise than comparable triodes.

The SA-T7 Diamond features connections for a wide range of analog and digital audio sources, accommodating both analog and digital. Included are six stereo RCA-type connections, one Toslink optical digital connection, and one coax digital connection. Internally, there is a PCM 5102-based DAC providing 24-bit/192 kHz performance.

Bluetooth 5.0 allows listeners to wirelessly stream high-resolution audio files to the preamplifier.

Extremely pure audio transmission is accomplished with a low-noise power supply couplings of the BestPentode stage. Vincent Audio developed a proprietary module for this stage, called Vimala, the Sanskrit term for, “pure, transparent, clear.” A second gain stage affords precision control over treble and bass, though tone controls can be bypassed in order to hear the purest music signal.

For further information about Vincent Audio’s SA-T7 Diamond tube preamplifier, click here.


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