iFi launches the ZEN CAN 3 featuring xMEMS support

iFi launches the ZEN CAN 3 featuring xMEMS support


Southport, UK, June 24, 2024 – iFi Audio, a trailblazer in high-fidelity audio components, is proud to announce the ZEN CAN 3 high performance headphone amplifier. Marrying versatility with power and precision, the latest iteration in the ZEN CAN series boasts xMEMS micro-speaker amplification mode, multiple EQ modes including Gaming and Movies, and up to 2,000mW output power.

xMEMS Support

The iFi ZEN CAN 3 supports in-ear monitors (IEMs) using xMEMS, an innovative speaker technology to push the boundaries of headphone performance.

xMEMS speaker technology produces the world’s fastest and most precise speakers for IEMs. With these next-generation speakers, there’s virtually no phase shift and they are close to 150 times faster than regular mechanical drivers. By integrating this technology into the new ZEN CAN 3, listeners can enjoy superior clarity and fidelity during listening sessions to reach a new dimension of audio quality.

Gaming & Movie Modes

The iFi ZEN CAN 3 is built for more than just music. The new launch boasts 2 new analogue EQ modes, tuned for Gaming and Movies. Movie mode enhances dialogue clarity, so you never miss a moment during your favorite films while Game mode makes low-level sound effects crystal-clear to keep you one step ahead of your opponents—at all times.

This adds to the ZEN CAN’s impressive additional EQ modes that offer a tailored, personal experience for the listener. XBass+ and XSpace options on the device create a more accurate bass response and spacious sound field.

Prodigious Power

A noticeable step up in power, perfect for difficult-to-drive headphones. The new iFi ZEN CAN 3 brings up to 2,000mW continuous output power to deliver an exceptional sound experience for almost every headphone on the market. The ZEN CAN 3 also features 0-18dB adjustable gain, with +6dB steps to perfectly match your headphones.

Refreshed ZEN Design

The ZEN CAN 3 follows the recent design refresh found with other ZEN 3 series products in the iFi range. Its modern two-tone design stands out among the hi-fi ‘black boxes’ while the revised volume meter and Sunlit Bronze hardware adds to a premium look and feel. Finally, the buttons on the front panel are arranged in a smile-like formation which injects character into the ZEN CAN 3.

Superior Components

Underpinning the circuitry are cherry-picked, premium components from Panasonic, TDK, MELF, Texas Instruments and muRata. The amplification stage boasts iFi/AMR’s own ‘OV’ (Operationsverstärker) series op-amps, outperforming commercial chips that use low-grade copper and inexpensive alluminium bond-wire.

Pricing & Availability

The iFi ZEN CAN 3 is available to purchase from ifi-audio.com for $229 USD and $369 CAD.

General Specification

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