TAF2023: The Toronto Audiofest is here!

TAF2023: The Toronto Audiofest is here!


“T.O. [Toronto], let’s go!

“T.O., au-dio!

“Yayyyyyyy! (said in conjunction with the imaginary sound of pompoms being shaken)”

So stoked am I to be covering the Toronto Audiofest taking place at the Westin Toronto Airport from Oct 20 to 22 that I created the above cheer for the occasion. After all, October brings with it some of our most cherished annual traditions: Oktoberfest, Halloween, and the Toronto Audiofest, the latter by far my favourite of the three. I’ll take the sound of music being played in an exhibitor room at an audio show over that of a yelling drunk in lederhosen or a screaming kid dressed as something I’m too old to know is trendy, any day of the week.

Plus, unlike with alcohol and candy, how often do we get to have access to so much cool audio products and systems, at any one time under one roof? Now that’s a special event.

If you like audio gear and music, including live music, the Toronto Audiofest has you covered. There will be plenty of both at the show to suit all tastes and budgets. If you plan to attend, I guarantee you’ll be in for a treat. If you can’t, don’t fret. In my show report, starting tomorrow, I’ll be covering so much cool stuff it’ll make you feel like you’re here, covering the show with me.

So, altogether now:

“T.O., let’s go!

“T.O., au-dio!


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