The Hifi Podcast with Darren and Duncan episodes 76-80

The Hifi Podcast with Darren and Duncan episodes 76-80


Episode 76

Darren answers a question that has been in Duncan’s mind for a while: What does Bridge Tied Load or BTL mean as it relates to amplifier design? The guys answer a question about properly powering a big set of Dunlavy speakers from a listener who stumbled across a big pair for a great price. The album of the week is only found on Bandcamp, and it features a couple acoustic virtuosos Duncan has followed for years.

Episode 77

In this episode, the guys talk about the sensory focus that comes from listening in the dark, sharing experiences and stories about the practice in the audiophile hobby. Darren’s suggestion for new listeners seems like a winner, and both agree that dark listening has a lot to do with our human evolution and deep personal response. A listener question is answered about analog EQ versus digital EQ, and the album of the week is a stunner of an EP from a lesser-known Icelandic singer.

Episode 78

In this episode, the guys tackle a range of listener questions. Balanced phono inputs are explained, including why they aren’t as common in phono preamplifiers. Duncan shares more about his DIY Ripole subwoofer and why he hasn’t talked about it lately, CD ripping is discussed, A/B switch devices for gear evaluations are considered, and more. This week’s album recommendation reaches back into the library for a gem from a Brooklyn-based bassist by way of Tel Aviv and Buenos Aires.

Episode 79

In this episode, a guest with a lot of experience in music streaming and streamer technology joins the podcast. Ari Margolis, a young dad, local audiophile and friend of the guys stops by to chat about Aurender’s approaches and technology, and to help answer common questions about the art of high-end streaming for the modern audiophile. Naturally, a listener question about streamers is discussed, and Ari even picks the album of the week recommendation, which is a killer choice and a new band to hosts Darren and Duncan.

Episode 80

In this episode of The Hifi Podcast, hosts Darren and Duncan reflect on what motivates each to work in the industry and try their best to bring something new to the scene. Darren talks about his evolution in amplifier design, why he puts effort into discovering unique and new topologies and what motivates him these days after many circuits discovered. Duncan discusses how his upbringing inspires him to design cable products that bring the listener closer to an experience which places the musician on a personal level, and why that’s a place of comfort for him. This week’s album recommendation comes from a wildly prolific Norwegian bassist, and is a can’t-miss.

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