The Hifi Podcast with Darren and Duncan episodes 81-85

The Hifi Podcast with Darren and Duncan episodes 81-85


Episode 81

In this episode, hosts Darren and Duncan reach again into the questions inbox to answer listeners who have emailed in their audio curiosities. Roon compatibility with BluOS devices, how and where to use ferrite cores, eliminating RF from nearby 5G towers and other questions are answered. This week’s album recommendation features a rare gaffe, where the guys talk about their album pick but describe the name of a different album entirely. They blame the late night of recording after hours of ABX blind testing, but will present both albums on the website and “Albums” page to make up for it.

Episode 82

PS Audio speaker designer Chris Brunhaver is back this week, and spends some time demystifying the common speaker specifications used to judge speakers. He and the guys share what’s been going on with them lately as well, which is has been plenty. This week’s album recommendation is a rare electronic album that borders on audiophile, and involves an artist’s struggle with losing and regaining his hearing over the course of the pandemic.

Episode 83

Darren’s and Duncan’s DIY speaker project from several years back is the topic du jour in this episode of The HiFi Podcast. The guys offer tips and inspiration in describing the DIY journey from beginning to completion, from driver choice to final damping moves. This week’s album recommendation is a soothingly simple recording of jazz standards from two delicate players playing in a sonically glorious room.

Episode 84

The guys are back in the saddle after a week off, and this time sitting down with the designer of the curious tube monoblocks that are living in Darren’s Wilson system at the moment, a local audiophile friend and engineering technician named Jordan Kamper. Jordan describes his thought process behind those and other DIY creations of his that the guys have heard. Listener questions about “hybrid digital” and fiber optic Ethernet conversion are answered, and this week’s album pick is a longtime favorite of Kamper’s.

Episode 85

In this episode, Darren asks Duncan questions about recording different instruments. Duncan dives into a number of pro audio topics en route to categorizing instruments by their difficulty in recording. A question about powering Dunlavy speakers is answered, and several listener-emailed music recommendations are shared. This week’s album is the latest from an artist whose music has been picked for the album of the week before, but this may be his best work yet.

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