The Hifi Podcast with Darren and Duncan episodes 71-75

The Hifi Podcast with Darren and Duncan episodes 71-75


Episode 71

After the usual intro segments, this is another hefty episode of listener questions. Topics covered include finding speakers that jibe with a hyperacusis condition, locally served music files versus streamed, updates on Darren’s server experience, and more. In the middle of the podcast somewhere, hosts Darren and Duncan point folks who want to contribute to the ‘cast toward a local audiophile in need, who experienced a recent loss. The album of the week comes by way of France, and features a 5-string bass player whose albums always seem to exhibit the most exquisite recording quality.

Episode 72

In this episode, the guys explore the reasons behind why some products — mostly preamplifiers — invert the signal phase. Darren explains that it’s a decent reason behind the practice, and how to adjust to it in your system if you’ve got a piece of gear that does this. Earlier on, a question about a difficult room setup is fully discussed, offering reasons behind why the space is challenging, and options for mitigating its problems for best sound. The album of the week is a strange one to be sure, but fully worth waiting til the end to find out about.

Episode 73

In this episode of The Hifi Podcast, Darren and Duncan explore what they see as several misconceptions in the audio hobby. Class D amps, recording quality and audiophile cables are included the discussion, which is by no means a comprehensive list but a first pass at the common audiophile subject matter. A few listener questions are also answered, and this week’s album recommendation is a fantastic full-length debut from an L.A. based group that offers spacious imagery and a stunning, well-defined center vocal throughout.

Episode 74

In this episode, Darren and Duncan trade stories related to audio that are either funny, uncomfortable or just plain unexpected. A great listener question about where to go after a component breaks is answered, and the album of the week was chosen in part because Duncan could not get the songs out of his head.

Episode 75

The show is back after a week break to deal with Duncan’s Covid bout and the installation of PS Audio’s new speakers at Darren’s house. Questions were stacking up, so the guys took this week to pick their favorites and deliver an all-questions episode. After a check-in with a listener suffering from “tweakitis AKA restless audiophile syndrome,” the guys talk about live versus recorded sound, tall speakers in a low-ceiling room, bypassing binding posts and more. This week’s album comes from a pair of brothers in Switzerland whose jazz influences vary from Balkan to British to Brazilian.

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