Stenheim launches the Alumine Five SX and Alumine Five LE at High End Munich

Stenheim launches the Alumine Five SX and Alumine Five LE at High End Munich


Vétroz, Switzerland, May 6th, 2024 — Stenheim, the Switzerland-based speaker company that utilizes aluminium cabinets and high-efficiency drivers to bring out every nuance of the finest recordings, will show its new Alumine Five LE, a luxury variant of the also brand new Alumine Five SX at High End Munich.

These two new additions to the Alumine Five range both incorporate an elegant aluminium plinth machined from solid billet. This allows for increased stability of the loudspeakers and isolation from vibration at the same time as providing simple adjustability to obtain the optimum set-up. It enables the Alumine Five to deliver its ultimate performance, providing astonishing clarity and musicality. This platform can be retrofitted to any Alumine Five already produced, resulting in a significant sonic upgrade.

The speakers themselves are derived from the award-winning Alumine Five SE, itself an upgraded version of the Alumine Five, with top of the range crossover components, binding posts and enhanced internal wiring. The Alumine Five SX is additionally equipped with a room control panel on the rear, originally seen on the more expensive Reference Ultime Two model, which enables different bass-treble profiles to be selected to adjust for room specifics. Sound quality is yet further enhanced by a new grounding post which allows the speaker to be connected to a grounding system. The Alumine Five SX is immediately recognizable by its anodized tweeter horn and side bars. It is the first speaker in the Alumine Five family to receive this enhancement which will be introduced to the rest of the range in the coming months.

Alumine Five LE

The all-new Alumine Five LE is a limited edition of the Alumine Five SX. Just 10 pairs are due to be made. Over and above the Five SX’s impressive specifications, the Five LE model boasts some luxury aesthetic touches. Only available in Full Black, its tweeter horn, side bars, platform details and spike covers are gilded in gold leaf. The top baffle is covered in leather with a gold embroidered Stenheim logo. The rear baffle is adorned with a Stenheim emblem. An optional three-part flight case is available.

Technical Specifications

  • Passive 3-way floor-standing speakers
  • 2x 25cm (10”) woofers, 1x 15cm (6.5”) medium driver, 1x 2.6cm (1”) soft dome tweeter
  • Dual front laminar port bass reflex design
  • Full aluminium construction
  • 4 independent chambers
  • Aluminium platform with 4 wide-range (4cm) heavy-duty spikes (M30, fine pitch)
  • Phase coherent crossover employing high grade, audiophile components from Mundorf and Jantzen
  • Room Control panel with bass and treble adjustment
  • Grounding post
  • Frequency response : 28Hz to 35kHz
  • Sensitivity : 94dB SPL, half space
  • Power handling : 200W RMS, 400W Peak
  • Minimum recommended power: 20W
  • Nominal impedance: 8 Ohms (minimum 3 Ohms)
  • Dimensions (including platform): Height 131 – 134cm (51.6” – 52.8”) x Width 48cm (19”) x Depth 38cm (15”)
  • Weight (including platform): 139kg (306lbs) each
  • Alumine Five SX available in metallic Light Grey or Dark Grey with black front and rear
  • Alumine Five LE available in Full Black and gold leaf only
Alumine Five SX


About Stenheim

Stenheim is part of a long and vibrant tradition of Swiss audio excellence and is a deserved member of the pantheon of famous Swiss hi-end brands. At the heart of the Stenheim design philosophy is a belief in the use of aluminium billet for totally inert cabinet enclosures that eliminate coloration, enabling the micro detail of the music to be heard. This, allied to high-efficiency drivers maximising speed and dynamics, produces an intensely musical result that renders every nuance of the musician’s expression. For further information, visit

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