Our first flipbook magazine is now available!

Our first flipbook magazine is now available!


Here it is—Issue 1 of PMA Magazine’s flipbook version. I know what you’re thinking: “PMA Magazine comes in a flipbook version?” It does now. And while its launch may come as a surprise to you, the audio elves behind its creation planned its release for months. What took so long? The timing. The elves thought: how better to segue into 2024 than for PMA Magazine to launch at the beginning of the year something different—something special—to mark the magazine’s fourth year of publishing and thank its readership for helping to make it happen?

In fact, PMA Magazine has always done things differently. Since its inception, it has, content- and idea-wise, followed the beat of its own drum, whether it comes to the publication itself, pmamagazine.com, or its Facebook page. Our flipbook version is no different; it’s chockfull of fresh, innovative content we hope will stimulate, entertain, and inspire you to listen to more music on quality audio equipment because it’s the best way to listen to music.

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And if we may say so ourselves, we think our Issue 1 looks dressed to party. On that note, Happy New Year from the PMA team!

You can read our flipbook directly through the embedded version below or on our Issuu website. You can click on the four outward arrows to activate the Fullscreen mode and on the downward facing arrow to download our magazine.

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Dear readers,

As you might know, PMA is an independent consumer audio and music magazine that prides itself on doing things differently. For the past three years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to bringing you an authentic listening experience. Our commitment? Absolute authenticity. We steer clear of commercial influences, ensuring that what you hear from us is genuine, unfiltered, and true to our values.

However, independence comes with its challenges. To continue our journey of honest journalism and to maintain the quality of content you love, we find ourselves turning to you, our community, for support. Your contributions, no matter how small, will help us sustain our operations and continue to deliver the content you trust and enjoy. It’s your support that empowers us to remain independent and keep our ears to the ground, listening and sharing stories that matter, without any external pressures or biases.

Thank you so much for being a part of our journey.

The PMA Team

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