Lenco Debuts The L-3810 Direct Drive Turntable

Lenco Debuts The L-3810 Direct Drive Turntable


Lenco L-3810GY (Gray)

Featuring an Audio Technica 3600 cartridge, a USB output for vinyl recording, a switchable built-in phono preamplifier, and a pitch control. Available in either a gray or white finish and priced at £279 / €329 / $499 / AUD $499.

The perfect fusion of traditional and contemporary technology, the Lenco L-3810 is a direct drive turntable that blends the nostalgic warmth of vinyl records with the convenience of modern technology. Designed for audiophiles, budding DJs, and vinyl newcomers alike, the L-3810 is engineered to elevate your music experience, combining high-quality components with convenient cutting-edge features.

Key Features:

Classic Design Meets Modern Fidelity: The Lenco L-3810 offers a classic, user-friendly design that doesn’t compromise on audio quality. It features an Audio Technica 3600 cartridge for warm and rich sound reproduction, ensuring every detail of your favourite recordings is heard.

High-Quality Components for Optimal Performance: Lenco’s engineers have meticulously selected components to guarantee the very best playback performance from the L-3810. These include: a removable headshell, a direct drive mechanism for consistent speed, a Start & Stop control, a pitch control; an anti-skating mechanism, a mechanical arm-lift, an aluminium platter, a removable dust cover, and a felt slip-mat.

Lenco L-3810WH (White)

Digitise Your Vinyl Collection: Blending nostalgia with modernity for digital listening convenience, the Lenco L-3810 enables you to record your vinyl records to PC/Mac via USB—ensuring your music collection moves with you, wherever you go. Listen to your recorded vinyl on PC, Mac, Smartphone, Digital Audio Player (DAP), and more.

Built-in Switchable Phono Pre-amplifier: The Lenco L-3810 features a built-in switchable Phono Pre-amplifier, offering you the choice of how you wish to connect the turntable to your existing audio system. Connect the turntable directly to the line input of your amplifier/speakers, or to your existing standalone phono-preamplifier—the choice is yours.

Versatile Playback Speeds: Supporting 33⅓ and 45 RPM playback, the L-3810 caters to the two most common vinyl record playback speeds. This flexibility ensures that you can enjoy a wide range of records from your collection, from LPs, to 7″ and 12″ singles.

The Lenco L-3810 Direct Drive Turntable is available in March at Lenco UK and selected retailers, priced at £279 / €329 / $499 / AUD $499.


DriveDirect Drive
Playback Speeds45 / 33⅓ RPM 
CartridgeAudio Technica AT-3600
Cartridge TypeMoving Magnet
Audio Out ConnectionsStereo RCA USB Type-B
Built-in Phono Pre-amplifier Yes (Moving Magnet)
Bypass Phono Pre-Amplifier OptionYes
Removable Dust CoverYes
Dimensions (Inc. Dust Cover)15.1 cm (H) x 45 cm (W) x 36.5 cm (D)
In the Box1 x Lenco L-3810 Turntable, 1 x Felt Slip-mat, 1 x RCA Cable, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x 45 RPM Adaptor, 1 x Counterweight, 1 x Anti-skating Weight, 1 x Audio Technica AT-3600 cartridge, 1 x Removable Dust Cover 1, User Manual
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