IsoAcoustics and Sonus faber cooperate on the new high-end Suprema sound system

IsoAcoustics and Sonus faber cooperate on the new high-end Suprema sound system


Sonus faber and IsoAcoustics have worked together to optimize the decoupling of the new Sonus faber Suprema flagship speaker system retailing for US$750,000. This 2.2 system consists of two main speaker columns, two subwoofers, an active crossover and employs IsoAcoustics GAIA-Capsule isolators in its base to mitigate vibrations.

Markham, Ontario, 19th March 2024 – IsoAcoustics technology enjoys a great reputation among the most exquisite speaker manufacturers. Sonus faber has integrated the isolation technology from Canada in its latest state-of-the-art high-end sound reproduction system: Suprema.

Absolute sonic excellence: Sonus faber Suprema

Priced at US$750,000, the Suprema system includes two main columns, and two subwoofers, along with an electronic crossover, all delicately crafted from exquisite materials. Ten drivers per main column, two of which are mounted in the back, are complemented by two powerful low-frequency drivers per subwoofer to generate the natural, immensely detailed sound Sonus faber is famous for.

Get the sound off the ground: IsoAcoustics isolators in Suprema

The Sonus faber Suprema is a real full-range system, reaching from 16 Hz all the way up to 40 kHz. The engineers at Sonus faber would not let such a wide-ranging and finely tuned system simply connect to the floor and create resonances to interfere with the purity of its sound – so they got IsoAcoustics on board. A multi-level suspension system between the cabinet and the baseplate in both the tower speakers and the subwoofers ensures the Suprema can exploit its full potential. The tuned set of IsoAcoustics GAIA-Capsule isolators keep vibrations from reaching the floor and mitigate their reflection back into the cabinet, allowing Suprema to shine in all its brilliance and glorious depth. “We used to have a decoupling system outside of the main body, but that solution with exposed springs or elastomers was always a compromise for us,” says Chief Design Officer Livio Cucuzza. “With Suprema we wanted to keep the design cleaner and more integrated. We had the opportunity to develop a system with IsoAcoustics that is part of the main structure.”

Instant upgrade for every speaker: IsoAcoustics technology

The patented IsoAcoustics technology is designed to decouple devices such as speakers, turntables and other audio equipment from their respective supporting structures. This acoustic isolation results in two major effects: firstly, vibrations are not transferred to the supporting structure, and hence do not resonate in the room. The sound in the room is clearer and is not disturbed by interference. Secondly, vibrations are also not conducted back into the speaker cabinet, where they could smear the sound image and impede everything from the frequency response to transients, and ultimately blurring the sound. Using IsoAcoustics isolators improves speaker performance, resulting in a more transparent and detailed sound. So much so, that even a high-end system like the Sonus faber Suprema benefits from this integration.

Sonus faber and IsoAcoustics – acoustic delight

While the IsoAcoustics effect can help any speaker sound its best, Sonus faber has gone to the next level by integrating the new GAIA-Capsule version of the renowned IsoAcoustics isolators into the Suprema system. By considering the speaker within its environmental context, Sonus faber enhances the auditory experience, taking it to a superior level with this innovative integration. “IsoAcoustics achieve this great performance in the mid-high frequencies where everything becomes clearer without losing dynamics on bass,” Livio explains. “IsoAcoustics is more precise, more refined, and everything in the soundstage is more clearly localized. We are really happy with the results.” Sonus faber and IsoAcoustics – a cooperation for absolute sonic perfection.

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About IsoAcoustics

Even the best loudspeakers are only as good as their placement allows. Based on this principle and its own patents, IsoAcoustics has been developing innovative solutions for the acoustic decoupling of pro audio, HiFi and live sound components since 2012. Dave Morrison, the driving force behind the Canadian company, was significantly involved in the design and construction of Canadian Broadcast Corporation radio and television facilities for nearly 20 years. Professional recording studios and audiophile music listeners worldwide are enthusiastic about his clever developments that allow every element of a listening chain to reach its full potential. IsoAcoustics products provide superior acoustic isolation and enhance the sound clarity from studio monitors to guitar cabinets, from floorstanding speakers to turntables.

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