Eon Art launches the Squark SE Integrated amplifier

Eon Art launches the Squark SE Integrated amplifier


The Squark SE integrated amplifier is the special edition version of Eon Art’s Squark model, bringing its performance closer to that of its bigger, more expensive siblings, the Boson and Quark integrated amplifiers.

Its architecture is based on a stereo hybrid circuit combining a tube preamplifier stage and tube power supply, with a solid state 208Wpc amplifier section.

Parts were chosen for ultimate performance, sonically and operationally. They include Duelund and Mundorf signal capacitors, and Kiwame and Amtrans resistors. The chassis is solid and sturdy, made with 4mm aluminum plates and equipped with Soundcare feet.

The volume control is based on a technology specific to Eon Art using resistors controlled by transistors, while the transformers are shielded Toroidy models.

The end result is a more refined aesthetic and sound over the base-model Squark. At CA$ 27,000, it costs a third of the price of its big brother, the Boson, but it doesn’t sound like a compromise. It sounds like a reference.

To learn more, contact Eon Art.

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