Dynaudio North America introduces the Octave Audio Jubilee Mono Ultimate power amplifiers

Dynaudio North America introduces the Octave Audio Jubilee Mono Ultimate power amplifiers


Dynaudio North America, Inc., importer and distributor of Octave Audio of Karlsbad, Germany, proudly introduces the new crown jewel of the Octave product lineup: the Jubilee Mono Ultimate mono power amplifiers.

From its inception in 1998, Andreas Hofmann’s Octave Audio Jubilee Series set out to define what was possible in state-of-the-art tube electronics. Combining a high-precision tube gain stage with a discrete semiconductor output buffering stage in a complex zero-feedback circuit, the Jubilee preamplifier set a new standard with its precise and utterly beguiling sound. As a lover of large-scale classical music, Hofmann knew he needed to design a partnering Jubilee power amplifier to be immensely powerful to cover the dynamic swings of an orchestra or opera soloist, but refined and
delicate enough to deliver all the emotion, nuance, and beauty live music evokes. In 2003, he realized this ideal partner through the Jubilee Mono power amplifier. Drawing from an octet of output tubes and Octave’s advanced pentode design, it delivered 250wpc with refinement, power, and authority into nearly any loudspeaker load, greatly abetted by the Jubilee Mono’s massive power supply and Octave’s exclusive Power Management system. The availability of a new, higher-power output tube, the KT120, saw Hofmann back to the drawing board, and in 2014, the 400wpc Jubilee Mono SE was released to critical acclaim. In 2019, these models were joined by a unique, modern take on the venerable 300B SET amplifier, the 30wpc Jubilee 300B mono amplifiers, which, among other things, uses an Octave-designed 7Hz power generator to directly power each 300B filament heater to eliminate hum and noise that frequently plagues such SET designs.

The new Jubilee Mono Ultimate represents the culmination of over 20 years of continued research and development and is much more than simply the evolution of the Mono SE. Jubilee Mono Ultimate effortlessly develops 440wpc using new KT170 power tubes, however the primary story that makes it more revolutionary than evolutionary is in its use of new, proprietary circuit and transformer technologies. Among the numerous improvements over the Jubilee Mono SE, the Jubilee Mono Ultimate features a newly-designed driver stage, a new, dedicated output tube filament heater power transformer, and a new, massive output transformer design that effectively increases secondary winding surface area by 50% while reducing distortion-inducing skin effect to vanishing levels. These developments and improvements work in harmony to bring a vast improvement in
effective power bandwidth (10Hz – 100kHz), far superior phase precision, and greatly increased dynamic range without the usual accompanying rise in distortion. Sonically, this all adds up to an extremely powerful-sounding amplifier with seemingly limitless extension and resolution at the frequency extremes, but with the natural and unfettered midrange one would expect from the most delicate tube electronics. In one word: breathtaking.

As with every Octave product, the Jubilee Mono Ultimate is handmade in Germany with the amplifier’s most critical parts – the power and audio transformers – made in-house and specifically tailored to the needs of this design. The Jubilee Mono Ultimate effortlessly exceeds the performance of any tube power amplifier in our experience and is ideally partnered with an Octave Audio Jubilee preamplifier.

The Octave Audio Jubilee Ultimate is available now with an MSRP of US$ 135,000 per pair fitted with Octave graded-and-matched KT170 output tubes and choice of center trim section material as noted above.

Dynaudio North America Inc.
500 Lindberg Lane, Northbrook, IL 60062
Tel: 847.730.3280 | www.octave.de

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