TAF2023: Clarisys Audio, CH Precision, Linn, Audioquest

TAF2023: Clarisys Audio, CH Precision, Linn, Audioquest


Prices listed in US$ except where otherwise noted.

I heard more fantastic sound in the Audio by Mark Jones room, which displayed a pair of Apogee speaker-inspired planar-type Clarisys Audio Studio Plus speakers ($66,000/pair) allied to a stack of twin-chassis products that included a CH Precision 300Wpc M10 stereo power amplifier ($104,000), an L10 preamplifier ($76,000), and a P10 phono stage ($76,000) fed by a Linn LP12 Klimax equipped with a Kandid MC cartridge ($CA 36,000 total), while cabling and power conditioning were by Audioquest ($various).

The sound made by this congregation of audio goods was stunningly transparent and multi-dimensional, and projected images that were uncanny in their in-the-room presence. This system may have produced the most incisively mapped-out soundstage I’d heard at the show, without images appearing harsh or etched — they were just right there, fully formed and energized.

Music and vocals sounded vivid, explicit and shimmered with holographic life. I enjoyed every second of it.

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