C-10X flagship Preamplifier debuts from Luxman America

C-10X flagship Preamplifier debuts from Luxman America


Features the most comprehensive application of LECUA-EX computerized attenuation, plus LIFES-1.0 feedback engine

The new Luxman C-10x preamplifier is completely redesigned. This new flagship preamp was developed with the aim of achieving the overwhelming audio quality that next-generation components should provide for the 100th anniversary of LUXMAN in 2025.

The Luxman C-10X preamplifier incorporates all of the company’s latest know-how. This includes the latest version of ODNF-u (Only Distortion Negative Feedback-ultimate) technology, named LIFES 1.0 in 2021, and the new LECUA-EX 192-step electronically controlled attenuator in the volume control circuit, which minimizes sound degradation, especially at low volume levels.

The Luxman C-10X preamp has a fully balanced concept – from balanced input to balanced output. The component is equipped with a switchable tone block with treble and bass controls, as well as a channel balance control.

The switching arsenal of the Luxman C-10X preamplifier is strictly analog. There are three balanced stereo inputs on Neutrik quality XLR connectors and three unbalanced RCA ones. The component offers two stereo analog outputs – balanced on XLR and unbalanced on RCA.

The C-10X preamplifier is available immediately at a suggested retail price of CA$ 27,995 (US$ 19,995).

For more information, visit luxman.com.

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