A new Reference Speaker from Alta Audio

A new Reference Speaker from Alta Audio


MELVILLE, NY, January 24, 2024 – Alta Audio, the company that combines advanced technology and outstanding aesthetics to create industry-leading home audio loudspeakers, today announced Aphrodite, a four-way floor-standing speaker that heralds a new era for the brand.

“Aphrodite is the ultimate statement of Alta Audio’s approach to a no-compromise speaker,” says Michael Levy, Alta Audio’s Founder, CEO, and Product Designer. “From the ground up, Aphrodite represents a new level of product design for Alta Audio, with newly designed elements that add up to a musical speaker that is equally at home in a multi-channel A/V system.”

Aphrodite, which will ship in late February at a suggested retail price of US$ 50,000/pair with a 15% up-charge for pantone colors other than black, includes a custom-designed four-way driver complement, featuring one (1) titanium former 10” woofer with Alta Audio’s patented XTL bass tuning; one (1) hex cone 8 3/4” titanium former lower midrange; two (2) hex cone 6” upper midrange drivers; and one (1) amorphous core transformer, high output ribbon tweeter.

Updates and stand-out features in the new Aphrodite speaker include:

  •  Titanium formers with hybrid neodymium/ferrite magnet structures, magnesium baskets, and free airflow structures for maximally linear response on all drivers.
  • All drivers in the midrange and mid-bass use low distortion high speed carbon fiber/rohacell/carbon fiber composite sandwich cones for enhanced detail and a precise, accurate soundstage.
  • The ribbon tweeter boasts a powerful magnet structure, with an amorphous core transformer, resulting in it being lightning fast with unmatched accuracy and excellent dispersion.
  •  The Aphrodite includes a high speed 8 3/4” mid-bass coupler driver for smooth coherent imaging through the midrange into the bass.
  •  A true Dipole/D’Appolito (Dipolito) driver layout with an open-back design, with the crossover created specifically for the Aphrodite, the drivers are arranged MTM (midrange on top and below the ribbon tweeter) to create a precisely synchronized pulse.
  •  The dipole midrange drivers and mid-bass coupler boast enhanced linear response for unerring accuracy.

In addition, Aphrodite includes the updated — and now, patented — XTL transmission line. The XTL II hybrid transmission line is a ported enclosure design that greatly increases power handling, lowers distortion, and extends bass frequencies. Also, Alta Audio’s DampHard TM construction eliminates resonances while remaining lossless to maximize the dynamic range.

Aphrodite is available in Alta Audio’s super high-gloss black onyx finish with other colors available upon special order.

Adds Mr. Levy: “Aphrodite is the culmination of a long career focused on the most memorable listening stereo and multichannel listening environments. And it’s only the beginning of what promises to be an event-filled year for Alta Audio.”

For further information, visit https://altaspeakers.com.


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Representing over 30 years of designing and building audiophile-grade speakers, Alta Audio products consistently provide exceptional reproduction of live and in-studio recordings. Alta Audio loudspeakers are painstakingly refined to reproduce the realism, balance, and dimensionality of both live and studio recordings, with a design aesthetic that enhances any room’s décor.

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