ROTEL launches its first Integrated Network Streamer

ROTEL launches its first Integrated Network Streamer


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With over 60-years of design experience, Rotel is proud to introduce its S14 Integrated Network Streaming Amp, offering discerning listeners a high-performance product to access and enjoy online music with ease. This solution delivers the family-owned audio company’s promise of quality, value and performance, aiming to bring music to life without compromise.

The S14 delivers high performance music rendered through a 32-bit ESS Sabre digital-to-analog converter, feeding high current output transistors powered by an oversized toroidal transformer. It is designed to deliver absolute musical precision and control.

audio, audiophile, hifi, high-end, Rotel, PMA Magazine

S14 To Provide Additional Flexibility For HiFi Music Consumption

With the S14, users can stream music directly from popular streaming services including Spotify, Tidal, podcasts, and thousands of Internet radio stations. AirPlay 2 and Google Cast are also supported, as well as Coaxial, Optical, aptX, HD Bluetooth, analog RCA and PC-USB source inputs for legacy devices.

The all-in-one product streams music directly from popular music services. It delivers 150 Watts of Class AB power at 4 Ohms directly to loudspeakers via 5-way binding posts and includes a front panel headphone connection. The S14 also comes with a newly engineered aluminum remote control for easy use in a modern package.

Convenient and intuitive, the S14 supports both wired and dual-band wireless network connections for ultimate installation flexibility. The front panel display renders full color album artwork and includes title, track, and artist information from the selected audio streaming service.


  • Class AB amplifier.
  • 80 watts /ch @ 8 ohms and 150 Watts /ch @ 4ohms.
  • ESS premium 32-bit DAC.
  • Stream from your favourite music App or dedicated S14 iOS / Android App.
  • Wireless aptX HD and AAC Bluetooth.
  • Supports MQA and MQA Studio.
audio, audiophile, hifi, high-end, Rotel, PMA Magazine

Price: $3249 CA / $2500 US

Available end of December 2022.

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