Metaxas & Sins distributed in North America

Metaxas & Sins distributed in North America

Reel Sound Distribution announces exclusive North American distribution of renowned Metaxas & Sins
Hi-Fi audio equipment.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL May 2023 – Florida-based Reel Sound Distribution Inc. is now the exclusive distributor of the world-famous line of hi-fi audio products from Metaxas & Sins, following a partnership agreement with designer Kostas Metaxas. The Metaxas & Sins line of audio equipment includes the Papillion and the award-winning Tourbillion T-RX reel-to-reel players, now available at select retail-gallery partners in the U.S. and Canada exclusively through Reel Sound Distribution Inc.—the first time this new line of Metaxas & Sins reel-to-reel players has been available in North America.

Renowned designer Kostas Metaxas has worked for more than 40 years in high-end audio, from the design and manufacture of entire playback systems to the recording of more than 300 acoustic concerts on Swiss Stellavox analog tape decks, before designing his own line of reel-to-reel players/recorders and new audio products. His dream has been to bring to a new series of audio components the emotional intensity, daring, and seductive beauty of the most spectacular architecture, design, and sculpture he has experienced.

As a recording engineer, Metaxas also wanted to “voice” these products for extremely realistic playback of recordings—the effortless reproduction of all the nuance and emotion of a musical performance.

The result is the new Metaxas collection. Each Metaxas & Sins component is considered an object of art as beautiful to look at as it is breathtaking to hear—limited-production heirloom components handcrafted from the finest materials and electronics and engineered by a visionary artisan. In true “Bugatti fashion,” each and every product is assembled by Metaxas or his sons. These audio sculptures of purist design offer uncompromising performance that brings listeners closer to the musical event than ever before. They can be there with their favorite artists, lost in the emotion of their performance, hearing exactly what was heard in the studio or on the stage.

Each component is machined from solid blocks of aircraft aluminum, copper, or titanium, to create an extremely inert and nonresonant structure that shields and protects the delicate electronic signals. The resulting low levels of noise make possible sound with breathtakingly musical 3D depth, transparency, and realism. These totally bespoke and modular electronics make them future-proof. Reel Sound Distribution’s Jeff Garshon is a musician, producer, and lifelong music collector with more than 20 years in audio/video system design and sales. He is also an entrepreneur and a pioneer in life sciences communications. Having spent hundreds of hours in the studio, touring and performing, Garshon understands what real music and real musicians sound like.

Jeff Garshon’s passion is curating audio systems that deliver musical content honestly and accurately and, above all, with emotion and beauty. Understanding that analog reel-to-reel tape is still the purest music-delivery format extant, and the origin of all pre-digital popular recordings since 1948, Garshon began searching for the best reel-to-reel sources and audio components capable of delivering that content uncorrupted. This led to his partnership with Metaxas & Sins.

Reel Sound Distribution is actively building its retail network of select Gallery Partners. For more information, contact Jeff Garshon at or 954-648-3550.

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