MAF 2024: Passion Audio / Shindo, J.Sikora, Wolf von Langa, Wattson, HANA, Luna Cables, Fezz Audio

MAF 2024: Passion Audio / Shindo, J.Sikora, Wolf von Langa, Wattson, HANA, Luna Cables, Fezz Audio


Prices listed in CA$.

Passion Audio’s demo was fronted by Wolf von Langa’s 12639 SON speakers ($27,000/pr). One can already see a lot of this speaker’s potential strengths on the spec sheet. First, its tweeter section is a dipole design which, in my experience, tends to give you more sense of space in the soundstage. And the tweeter’s time-alignment is adjustable, which should adapt to a variety of listening environments and situations. Plus, it’s a very efficient design, with 94 db sensitivity and an 8-ohm impedance, making it ideal for low-wattage tube gear, which is what was being used in the room: a 15Wpc Montille power amp ($10,820) paired to a tube Auriege preamp, both made by Shindo from Japan. Source was an analogue front end made up of a J.Sikora Initial turntable ($14,000), a 12″ J.Sikora Kevlar tonearm ($11,350) and a HANA Umami Blue MC cartridge ($3400).

The sound? Based on what I heard on an LP of Elgar’s Cello Concerto by Jacqueline du Pré recorded in the 1960s, it was what many might describe as a “British sound” (even though these speakers are made in Germany)—rich and detailed, with natural tonality. They sounded uncannily like a pair of British speakers I have at home that are known for their stereotypical British sound. Listening to Passion Audio’s demo felt akin to running into one of my loved ones on the street.

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