MAF 2024: Emotiva

MAF 2024: Emotiva


Prices listed in US$.

When I looked at the price sheet taped on the wall in the Emotiva room, I blinked. I couldn’t believe my eyes. An audio show doesn’t showcase entire sound systems for $4796. But that was the total cost of the system in the Emotiva room (excluding the cables). The all-Emotiva system included a pair of Airmotiv XT3 tower speakers ($1999/pr), an XPA-DR2 Differential Reference power amplifier ($1899), a XDA-3 Differential Reference preamp/DAC ($699), a CMX-6+ AC line filter ($166), and cabling ($various, but all low-priced).

If you think the system must have sounded like the price tag might suggest, think again. What I heard was sound that was powerful, massive, and crisply defined. It was detailed, but non-fatiguing. It delivered the sort of bass I’d expect from a subwoofer, but there was no subwoofer.

But I encountered a problem. I couldn’t quite locate the singer in the soundstage, which was important to me. Then I realized I was sitting too far away from the speakers. So I moved my chair closer to form a near-unilateral triangle with the two speakers. And voilà! The singer suddenly stood right in the middle. Another lesson learned: never judge a system without considering where you are sitting.

After that, I was fully immersed in the two songs they played: “The Ragpicker’s Dream” by Mark Knopfler and “Feet on the Ground” by Pernille Rosendahl. It made me realize how little money is needed to enjoy our hobby.

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