The Jay Jay French Connection, Episodes 66-70

The Jay Jay French Connection, Episodes 66-70


Episode 66

Deborah Bonham & Peter Bullick join Jay Jay this week from the UK, as this week’s special guests! Talented singer/songwriter Deborah Bonham and guitarist/songwriter Peter Bulick, who are husband and wife, talk about their brand new album, upcoming touring plans & all things British Blues & Rock. Their new 13-track self-titled covers album is an inspiring blend of blues, rock, and soul. The music on this excellent new album, which will be released on Quarto Valley Records (QVR) on April 29, is in the tradition of the great blues-rock of the 1970s while also being deeply entrenched in classic blues and soul. The first single from the album, a riveting version of the Albert King classic, Can’t You See What You’re Doing to Me, will be released on QVR on March 25. The album features guest musicians who have performed with artists including Robert Plant, Portishead, Massive Attack, blues great Bobby Rush and the members of Deborah’s live band and Paul Rodgers’ band Free Spirit.

Episode 67

This week we are re-releasing a previous episode in memoriam of Jay Jay’s dear friend David Wilson, who passed on from us unexpectedly this past week. The wonderful David Wilson, editor & publisher of The ToneQuest Report, is this week’s special guest. Hear all about why Jay Jay strongly recommends The TQR to all guitar players, & finds it to be a refreshing alternative to all other guitar publications out there. David talks about why he believes all guitarists are chasing the perfect tone ~ & where to begin when seeking out a specific tone in the constantly evolving world of music technology. Everything from desert island guitar / amp combos, to the history of amplifiers is discussed in this episode – you won’t want to miss it! Be sure to check out The Tone Quest Report’s website, & subscribe to their one of a kind publication.

Episode 68

Rocky Athas, also known by fans as the Texas Tornado-The Malice from Dallas- & The Last Great Bluesbreaker Guitarist, is this week’s guest on The Jay Jay French Connection: Beyond the Music! The legendary Texan Blues guitarist & songwriter has collaborated with the likes of Buddy Miles, Glenn Hughes, Black Oak Arkansas & John Mayall – to name a few. Jay Jay & Rocky talk all things Blues guitar – discussing how the Blues came into both their lives, and how deeply it impacted their lives & playing over the years. Don’t miss their conversation, and be sure to keep up to date on Rocky’s work by checking out his website, Instagram @rockyathas & Twitter @RockyAthas

Episode 69

Mark Metcalf, star of the legendary movie Animal House & the overbearing father/teacher in two of Twisted Sister’s most famous videos, I Wanna Rock & We’re Not Gonna Take It, is this week’s special guest! In addition to these roles, & exclaiming the classic line “What do you want to do with your life??!” Mark has an incredibly extensive history is both television and theater. Mark shares some amazing, & hilarious, stories about his journey into the world of entertainment, and how his passion for theater at a young age led him to become an actor. Jay Jay & Mark share stories covering everything from how they dealt with being drafted into the army, to being typecast in Hollywood & the importance of sticking to your own unique creative journey. Be sure to catch this conversation, only on The Jay Jay French Connection: Beyond the Music!

Episode 70

This week we’re revisiting previous episode highlight, Jay Jay’s conversation with best-selling author Jane Green, and author & former model Jenny Boyd. Listen to these two discuss their most recent writing projects, including Jenny’s book “Jennifer Juniper: A Journey Beyond the Muse,” which was released this past year. Jane & Jenny also discuss the differences between living in England and the United States, what their writing processes look like during a global pandemic, and remarkable stories from their careers, as well as being in and around the music world.

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