The Jay Jay French Connection, Episodes 31-35

The Jay Jay French Connection, Episodes 31-35


Episode 31

This week’s guest is Director, Producer & Rock Doc veteran DJ Viola. Hear all about DJ’s recent directorial project “Biography: KISStory,” which chronicles the band KISS’s five decades in the business, as founders Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons reflect on their historic career. Jay Jay talks about catching KISS shows in their early years, and tells the story of how he auditioned for the band in 1972, only here on The Jay Jay French Connection: Beyond the Music.

Episode 32

This week’s guest is legendary producer & Rock historian Denny Somach. Denny has been just about everywhere in the music business, & has produced records for the likes of Johnny Winter, Alan Parsons, Eric Johnson & Todd Rundgren. He has authored two books about The Beatles, “Ticket to Ride” and “Meet the Beatles…Again,” as well as the ultimate Led Zeppelin book “Get the Led Out: How Led Zeppelin Became the Biggest Band in the World.” Tune in to hear Jay Jay & Denny discuss their early years in the music industry, their favorite artists, most impactful musical experiences & much more.

Episode 33

No one knows analog recording & guitars quite like Perry Margouleff. Perry is a guitar player, songwriter, engineer, record producer, & guitar collector with a passion for analog recording. He has spent his life collecting guitars & recording guitar-based music of all genres. He built a world class analog recording studio on Long Island’s North Shore, the renowned Pie Studios, which has been home to many of the record industry’s top musicians, engineers & producers. Perry is also cofounder of the amplifier company “SUNDRAGON,” alongside Jimmy Page – their Sundragon amplifier is a faithful recreation of the amp Jimmy Page used exclusively to create the sounds on Led Zeppelin 1. Hear Perry & Jay Jay Jay discuss their history working together, the resurgence of vinyl records, the differences between analog & digital recording, and why there is hope for a renaissance of art & music after this past year. Hear this unique conversation only on The Jay Jay French Connection: Beyond the Music.

Episode 34

Tune in this week for a unique guest, Jay Jay’s producer Matthew Mallinger. In addition to being Jay Jay’s producer, Matthew is a creative technologist & drummer currently based in Los Angeles. Hear Jay Jay & Matt reflect on all of the guests that have been on the show thus far, and the progression of the show as a whole. Jay Jay counters the joke that ” if you remember the 60’s you weren’t there,” by tapping into his remarkably specific memory, & spending the hour sharing stories about his journey in music, all the way back to his youth & bar gig days in New York. Don’t miss these two cover everything from life as a musician & the foundations of Twisted Sister, to high school aged shenanigans & Jay Jay’s ridiculous tongue twisting exercise that he uses to warm up before speaking. Only here on The Jay Jay French Connection: Beyond the Music.

Episode 35

Motivational speakers, who are close friends & mentors of Jay Jay’s – Steve Farber & Tommy Spaulding – are this week’s guests. Tune into this week’s episode to really go beyond the music, & to hear these three discuss the world of motivational speaking & the importance of challenging oneself in their life’s endeavors. Steve & Tommy are both great speakers themselves, & encouraged Jay Jay to get into keynote & motivational speaking. Steve Farber has written numerous bestsellers in the past, & is the co-author of Jay Jay’s upcoming book, “Twisted Business: Lessons from My Life in Rock ‘n Roll.” Don’t miss this episode & be sure to keep an eye out for Jay Jay’s book, which is to be released on September 21st.

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