The Hifi Podcast with Darren and Duncan episodes 56-60

The Hifi Podcast with Darren and Duncan episodes 56-60


Episode 56

“Not all distortion is horrible” is a notion many come to observe at some point along the audiophile journey. Maybe that’s not the best way to put it. How about,  “some distortions are less horrible than others”.

In past episodes of The Hifi Podcast, Darren and Duncan have talked about complex versus simple distortions, and the fact that simple circuits and simple devices distort simply. And simple distortion is much, much more tolerable to our ears.

Episode 57

No speaker DIYer likes to read  a paper about the effects of edge diffraction on speaker baffles AFTER cutting out the driver holes. An inch left or right, and that tweeter could have sounded much better. No DIY amplifier builder wants to miss out on that important forum post where a fellow DIYer discovers an error in a schematic.

DIY audio projects  can provide immense listening satisfaction to the adventurous audiophiles who attempt them, but sometimes, challenge and trouble can hide around every corner. In this episode, the guys share some important things they’ve learned along the way in their own DIY projects.

Episode 58

Have you noticed the absolute proliferation of cool digital audio products in the sub-$500 market lately? With so much buzz around new class D modules and affordable R2R DACs and even budget speakers that are “specs monsters”, the hosts of The Hifi Podcast believe now is the best time to be a budget audiophile.

There are some interesting quirks in some of the eye-poppingly cheap gear from China, with occasional designs focused solely on being impressive in one area or specification. Still, the sheer volume and variety of enjoyable and reasonably-priced products coming from the world’s most populous country is energizing, and a complete boon for the growth of our zany hobby.

Episode 59

This episode gets a great start thanks to so much goin on in Darren’s two systems at home, including the reintroduction and repainting of the Dunlavy IVa system, cables burning in and the planned LPS addition to his reclocker. Also, his parents are in town, which means there are now distinctly fewer electrical components to trip over on the ground. Questions about the Matrix X-SPDIF 2, hexagonal listening rooms and more are answered, and the fellas are saved by a listener with a solid explanation of how to pronounce the French tube amp maker Jadis. (It’s zha-dees).

When it comes to polarizing debates in hifi audio, none is more common than the subjectivist versus the objectivist. As the guys tackle this well known topic, it becomes clear there is appreciation for both sides. Both have some decent points and also some failings. The guys share personal experiences and try to find some humor in the sometimes exasperating debate.

Episode 60

In a recent episode, hosts Darren and Duncan talked about a system’s ability to collect and drain RF interference through the connected enclosures and low-impedance paths to ground. In this show, the guys — and Darren specifically — drill down further into high frequency bogey man land. Are modern chassis boxes even good at being faraday cages? How do designers maximize effectiveness in removing RF from a circuit, and what about tubes? Lots of questions answered in this fairly geeky episode of The Hifi Podcast. Stay tuned, because the album of the week is jaw-dropping.

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