The Hifi Podcast with Darren and Duncan episodes 41-45

The Hifi Podcast with Darren and Duncan episodes 41-45


Episode 41

In this episode of The Hifi Podcast, hosts Darren and Duncan talk about one simple trick that will help you know you’re on the right path when it comes to speaker setup and system integration. Following their advice, when you throw frequency response analysis out the window, literally,  you’re left to focus on elements of timing. And  if you do this, it might just get you thinking about what’s important in a hifi stereo system.

Episode 42

When it comes to selecting a room for an audio system, many factors come to play. And many constraints need to be managed in order to get something reasonable for music playback. At the same time, a listening room at a ranch in Texas will have little in common with one in an apartment in Hong Kong. In this episode, Darren and Duncan discuss the needs of both rooms, and talk about the ideal conditions all of our rooms should aspire to.

Episode 43

The audiophile hobby is a lot like cooking, and it behooves the chef to expose himself to as many sonic flavors as possible. But the audiophile hobby is also expensive, and like car collecting, the possibility of a wide range of exposure requires lots of time, money and probably a mix of both.

This week on The Hifi Podcast, hosts Darren and Duncan pinch themselves about their years of access and exposure to all sorts of hifi gear, and they sort out for each other what devices and products have captured the #1 spot for themselves.

Episode 44

Being the right distance away from your speakers, and in a position in the room that minimizes room influence is a large part of the effort of creating audiophile sound. This is mostly what you hear when the topic of the sweet spot comes up. But today, the guys focus on  the physical makeup of that area, and how it affects the sound.

How comfortable are you? What’s directly behind your ears? How high are you sitting? What’s the mood like, and where are the distractions?

Episode 45

In this episode, the hosts look back on the last year of podcasts, as this week’s marks a year of recording for Darren and Duncan. Listen on to find out why this isn’t the 53rd episode, and hear about how the idea for this show came about. From inventing new circuits while hiking in the woods to red lights and ribbon mics in the back yard, it’s been an exhilarating and rewarding journey.

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