• The Grateful Dead’s Haight Street Concert

    The Dead’s free concert that day was more than just an enthralling musical experience; it was a statement, a beacon of unity in tumultuous times. The band delved straight into a compelling rendition of “Viola Lee Blues,” a piece that spanned over twenty-one minutes, taking the audience on a transcendental journey.

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  • Boogie With Canned Heat: Thank You Henry

    “Henry Vestine of Canned Heat got me closer to my understanding of blues guitar, and that opened the door for me.”

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  • Woodstock’s Echo: 50-Plus Years of Musical Reverie IN PHOTO

    In the radiant summer of 1969, the idyllic town of Bethel, New York, would bear witness to an event that would become the anthem of a generation. Over 400,000 free spirits, music lovers, and dreamers flocked to a sprawling dairy farm owned by the kind-hearted Max and Miriam Yasgur. The venue: the Woodstock Music &…

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