Cello Concerto

  • MAF 2024: Passion Audio / Shindo, J.Sikora, Wolf von Langa, Wattson, HANA, Luna Cables, Fezz Audio

    Prices listed in CA$. Passion Audio’s demo was fronted by Wolf von Langa’s 12639 SON speakers ($27,000/pr). One can already see a lot of this speaker’s potential strengths on the spec sheet. First, its tweeter section is a dipole design which, in my experience, tends to give you more sense of space in the soundstage.…

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  • 5 Classical Recordings That Will Blow Your Mind!

    Looking to add superb recordings to your Classical music collection, or to start one off on the right foot? Want to dip your toes into the genre to see if it’s something you’ll like? Well, you’re in luck, because we scoured the Internet in search of the most mind-blowing Classical recordings and found a few,…

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