MAF 2024: Absolu par Centre Hi-Fi / Technics

MAF 2024: Absolu par Centre Hi-Fi / Technics


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I have fond memories of the Technics brand name. My dad’s very first turntable was the Technics SL-QX300—the first turntable I ever touched. As a kid seeing a record player for the first time, I was mesmerized by this foreign device and intrigued by how it was able to make sound.

Now here I was in the Absolu par Centre Hi-Fi / Technics room, looking at Technics’s most expensive turntable at an audio show, the on-special-order SL-1000R fitted with an Ortofon Expression MC cartridge ($27,899 total). I thought, ‘I’ve come quite a long way, haven’t I?’ Well, so has Technics.

The company was also showing, on active display, its SU-R1000 Reference Class integrated amplifier ($13,999), which features the company’s Intelligent Phono EQ and 4 separate power supplies, and SL-G700M2 streamer ($4,500), both feeding a pair of standmount Triangle Signature Delta speakers ($9000/pr), with cabling and a PowerQuest 505 power bar by AudioQuest ($various).

I listened to a couple of tracks from the Fugees’ album The Score and Sade’s No Ordinary Love. The sound was rich, organic, and alive. There was a lot of bass-groove in it. I felt like dancing except the room was too small (plus, there were people there).

I still have that first turntable my family bought, and I sometimes play it. It has a lot of nostalgic value. But based on what I heard in that Absolu par Centre Hi-Fi / Technics room, I’m 200% sure it doesn’t sound as good as the SL-1000R turntable did with the rest of the system.

Technics’s Jonathan O’Brien with Absolu par Centre Hi-Fi’s Michael Abergel

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