The Jackson 5

  • When Michael Jackson Met Bob Marley

    In the annals of music history, few moments shimmer with the kind of star-studded, genre-blending brilliance as the day when the future King of Pop met the Reggae Revolutionary. Picture this: a sunny day in Kingston, Jamaica, 1975, a setting so ripe for a musical crossover, it could have been scripted in Hollywood. Yet, this…

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  • The Jackson 5 on “American Bandstand”: When Five Brothers from Gary, Indiana, Became America’s Favorite Siblings

    On the electrifying day of February 21, 1970, the Jackson 5 stormed “American Bandstand,” forever changing the landscape of pop music. This debut wasn’t just a performance; it was a revelation. Led by the prodigious Michael Jackson, the group’s entrance onto the national stage was a high-octane spectacle that left audiences spellbound and set the…

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  • Diving into Disco, Part 6 — Psychedelics and Funkydelics

    By 1967, the Motor City is still monopolizing the music charts and airwaves, cruising full speed ahead, rivaled only by Britain’s Fab Four. But there’s turbulence and static on the horizon stemming from a strong current blowing from the West Coast, along with inner tensions within Hitsville U.S.A., a.k.a. Motown Records.These combined factors would eventually…

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