John Bonham

  • Countess vs Rockstars: The Legal Spat That Renamed Led Zeppelin

    Picture this: the date is February 28th 1970, the city is Copenhagen, and Led Zeppelin, the lords of rock, are about to become… The Nobs? It’s the kind of tale that makes you wonder whether the rock gods were playing a cosmic joke, complete with a countess, a lawsuit, and a name change that sounds…

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  • Led Zeppelin Releases Their Debut Album

    On January 12, 1969, a seismic shift occurred in the rock music landscape with the U.S. release of Led Zeppelin’s eponymous debut album, followed by its UK release on March 31. This groundbreaking record, recorded in a mere 36 hours at Olympic Studios in London, signified the birth of a new era in hard rock…

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  • “No, I have the best system in the world!” #9: A Bucharest Audiophile’s Quest for Perfect Sound

    “Then, five years ago, I visited a store to buy cheap speaker cables for my home cinema, and, out of curiosity, I listened to a modest hi-fi setup there—I don’t think it cost more than $5000. I was blown away. From there, I spiralled into the high-end.”

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