Hound dog

  • The King at the Garden: Elvis Presley’s 1972 Triumph

    June 10, 1972, was no ordinary day at Madison Square Garden. The hallowed halls, famous for hosting legendary sports battles and unforgettable music performances, were about to witness another momentous event. Elvis Presley, the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, was back in New York City for the first time since the ’50s. This wasn’t just…

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  • Hound Dog and the Hip Thrust Heard ‘Round the World: Elvis’s Iconic 1956 Performance

    On June 5, 1956, Elvis Presley stepped onto the stage of The Milton Berle Show, ready to perform his latest single, “Hound Dog.” Little did anyone know, this performance would become one of the most talked-about moments in television history and a defining point in the evolution of rock and roll. Presley, already a rising…

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