George Martin

  • Thirteen Hours to History: 10 Fun Facts About The Beatles’ Debut Album

    Diving into the whirlwind recording session of The Beatles’ debut album “Please Please Me” is akin to unearthing a time capsule filled with musical marvels, quirky anecdotes, and the birth of legends. This album, crafted in a single day’s sprint on March 22, 1963, at Abbey Road Studios, is a tapestry woven with tales of…

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  • Entering The Cavern: The Day Epstein Discovered The Beatles

    In the brisk Liverpool air of November 9, 1961, a cultural metamorphosis was about to take place in the subterranean buzz of The Cavern Club. Brian Epstein, a local record store owner with an unassuming demeanor but a razor-sharp vision for the future of music, descended the stairs into the heart of the city’s vibrant…

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