• MAF 2024: Villeneuve Audio Vidéo, Marchand Audio Vidéo / Fyne Audio, Luxman, AudioQuest

    Prices listed in CA$. If there had been an award given out at the Audiofest for “Most Vintage-Looking Component”, the Fyne Classic Fifteen speakers ($50,000/pr) in the Villeneuve Audio Vidéo / Marchand Audio Vidéo room probably would have won it. The design is a point-source system whereby a bass/midrange cone is coupled to a high…

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  • TAF2023: Fyne Audio, Canor, EAT, Melco, Skyanalog, Swisscables, Gutwire, Plixir, Puritan

    Prices listed in CA$. Be honest: When you saw the speakers in the above photo, did you immediately think, “Tannoy”? Me, too. They’re actually the Vintage 15 model ($49,950) made by Fyne Audio, and they looked gorgeous — and massive — when I saw them in person in retailer Gramophone Audio’s room. They also sounded…

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  • The Montréal Audiofest—an American in Montreal

    Audio show enthusiast and writer Mike Harkins travelled from his home in Austin, Texas, to the Canadian province of Quebec to visit the Montréal Audiofest, where he found the temperature in March to be a bit nippy. Welcome up North, Mike. Mike took down notes and took pictures at the show which he graciously allowed…

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