Electrical engineering

  • Bose Before Noise: The Amar Bose Story

    In the heart of Philadelphia, amid the echoes of American history, Amar Gopal Bose’s journey into the world of sound and acoustics began on November 2, 1929. His childhood was a tapestry woven with threads of intellectual curiosity, inspired by his father, an Indian freedom fighter, and his mother, with her French and German heritage.…

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  • Knowledge is Bowers (& Wilkins)

    John Bowers, Visionary of Sound In the quaint town of Worthing, West Sussex, a story of a remarkable individual began to unfold, a story that would eventually redefine the world of audio technology. John Bowers, the founder of Bowers & Wilkins, was born into a world where technology was rapidly evolving, yet the true potential…

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