• Should You Get a Surround Sound System?

    “There’s plenty of quality content available in surround sound for music and movies. Why not take advantage of it?”

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  • Cutting-Edge Home Theater Performance at High End Munich 2023

    Dirac, StormAudio, and Perlisten Team Up to Showcase the Cutting-Edge of Home Theater Performance at High End Munich 2023. MUNICH, GERMANY, May 11, 2023 — Swedish audio pioneer Dirac has teamed up with luxury audio heavyweights StormAudio and Perlisten to showcase the most high-performing and immersive home theater demo ever delivered at High End Munich.…

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  • Beatles Let It Be Reissue—how good is this album, really?

    The Beatles will never be irrelevant. Ask any question about John, Paul, George, and Ringo and you’ll instantly have six people who wanna know the answer, six who think it’s absurd to even have to ask, and six more who think they have a much better question. It’s a never-ending cyclone that has insinuated itself…

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