Damping factor

  • MAF 2024: Altitudo Audio, Electrocompaniet, Harmonic Resolution Systems, Tri-Art Audio, Nordost, Audio Note

    Prices listed in CA$ unless otherwise note. When I first heard Audio Physic speakers (the Classic 15) at Audio Element in Pasadena, California, I was immediately impressed. They were featured in PMA Magazine’s “Best Audio Systems For $10,000” series. I couldn’t believe that speakers costing less than US$ 5000/pair could sound so accomplished or have…

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  • Watt’s Up! Four Brands With Amped Up Aesthetics

    When it comes to the symphony of sight and sound, some amplifiers refuse to sit quietly in the corner. They demand the spotlight, pairing unparalleled auditory excellence with visual panache that makes audiophiles and art enthusiasts alike pause mid-riff. Here’s the ensemble of four brands of unique-looking amplifiers that not only sound like a million…

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  • Introducing the Octave Audio MRE 220 SE mono power amplifiers

    Northbrook, IL – December 19, 2023: Dynaudio North America, Inc., importer and distributor of Octave Audio of Karlsbad, Germany, proudly introduces the MRE 220 SE mono power amplifiers, the fourth generation of Andreas Hofmann’s reference-grade MRE amplifier series first introduced in 1994. Crafted by passionate music lovers who wish to bring the beauty and finesse…

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