• Watt’s Up! Four Brands With Amped Up Aesthetics

    When it comes to the symphony of sight and sound, some amplifiers refuse to sit quietly in the corner. They demand the spotlight, pairing unparalleled auditory excellence with visual panache that makes audiophiles and art enthusiasts alike pause mid-riff. Here’s the ensemble of four brands of unique-looking amplifiers that not only sound like a million…

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  • Audio Research’s Val and Sheree Cora Tell All, Part 1

    I can’t think of any other piece of news in 2023 that was bigger in the audiophile community, at least not in North America, than that of Audio Research having been bought by AR Tube Audio Corporation, a company formed, for the occasion, by Valerio Cora of Acora Speakers. I recently sat down across from…

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  • TAF2023: Acora Acoustics, SAT, Lyra, MSB, D’Agostino, Innuos, Cardas

    Prices listed in $CA. I won’t say that listening to music in an Acora Acoustics exhibit room is akin to having a religious experience inside a church, but it’s close. There’s often a sense of profundity that I feel when I listen to an Acora demo. I felt that sense of profundity again in Toronto, in…

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