• The Bicentennial Anniversary of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9

    As the curtain rises on the bicentennial anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9, we find ourselves celebrating a masterpiece that has reverberated through history with the power of a thousand orchestras. This monumental symphony, also known as the “Choral Symphony,” premiered on May 7, 1824, in Vienna, and its legacy is nothing short…

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  • G!ve launches new album at Toronto Audiofest — and it sounds great

    One of the highlights at this year’s Toronto Audiofest was the launch of the album Of the Bird, Flying, the new release by Montreal band G!ve.

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  • TAF2023: That’s a Wrap!

    The Toronto Audiofest 2023 had everything you could wish for in an audio show: great gear at all price-points, a communal and jovial atmosphere, overall good to great sound, friendly banter with peers or friends made on the spot, solid visitor traffic but not overcrowded, and plenty of coffee for dudes like me who were…

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