• The Jackson 5 on “American Bandstand”: When Five Brothers from Gary, Indiana, Became America’s Favorite Siblings

    On the electrifying day of February 21, 1970, the Jackson 5 made an unforgettable debut on “American Bandstand,” a moment that has since been etched into the annals of music history. Led by the prodigious Michael Jackson, the group’s performance was more than just a musical set; it was a revelation. Michael, with a presence…

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  • Knowledge is Bowers (& Wilkins)

    John Bowers, Visionary of Sound In the quaint town of Worthing, West Sussex, a story of a remarkable individual began to unfold, a story that would eventually redefine the world of audio technology. John Bowers, the founder of Bowers & Wilkins, was born into a world where technology was rapidly evolving, yet the true potential…

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