• MAF 2024: Audio Group Denmark / Wynn Audio Room: Børresen, Axxess, Ansuz

    Prices listed in CA$. At the Montreal Audiofest, there were quite a few rooms with systems costing in the six figures. The system in the Audio Group Denmark / Wynn Audio room wasn’t one of them, despite sounding like it could cost that much. It included a pair of Børresen X6 loudspeakers ($30,000/pr), a 100Wpc Axxess Forté…

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  • TAF2023: Børresen, Axxess, Ansuz, Qobuz

    Prices listed in US$. Exhibiting in Canada for the first time at the Toronto Audiofest, importer / distributor Audio Group Denmark showcased the new slim, 2.5-way Børresen Acoustics X2 tower speakers ($8800/pair), which uses the same designed-in-house tweeter membrane as the higher-priced offerings in Børresen’s speaker line. Feeding the Børresen speakers were a 100Wpc Axxess…

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