Volumio launches Volumio AI: AI Music Discovery with the power of ChatGPT

Volumio launches Volumio AI: AI Music Discovery with the power of ChatGPT

Harnessing the power of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Volumio AI delivers a revolution in music discovery.

Innovative Italian audio company, Volumio — creators of the award-winning Volumio Music Player ecosystem — introduce Volumio AI, the latest version of their award-winning Volumio Music player application.

Launched in 2013, the Volumio Music Player ecosystem has been built from the ground up to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of devices — ensuring, no matter what the source, all of your music is aggregated and delivered in bit-perfect quality. Volumio’s open ecosystem gives music fans the freedom to choose, regardless of how they wish to listen. DIY audiophiles can download Volumio’s software package for free for their Raspberry Pi, PC, or ASUS Tinkerboard. Volumio also manufacture their own range of dedicated digital audio streamers for music lovers: Rivo, Primo and Integro.

The latest version of Volumio’s Music Player — Volumio AI — is one of the first music apps in the world to fully integrate an AI search function. The new groundbreaking Supersearch feature unlocks the power of Open AI’s ChatGPT, bringing listeners a whole new dimension of exciting music discovery.

Supersearch: Music Discovery for the 21st Century

Whether using one of Volumio’s own digital audio streamers, or software installed on the devices mentioned above, their acclaimed music player allows you to access your local music files and stream from your favourite music services such as TIDAL, Qobuz, Spotify and many more, via one unified easy-to-navigate interface.

Accessible via a web app, the new Volumio AI Music Player, with the addition of the new Supersearch feature, delivers access to a musical oracle at your fingertips, ready to point you in the direction of the perfect soundtrack for every moment. Looking to set the dance floor on fire this summer? After some classic 90’s ambient house tracks to liven up your latest playlist? Fancy kicking back with some psychedelic garage rock? How about finding the perfect songs, tailor-made for your chilled-out weekend? Thanks to Volumio’s AI’s Supersearch feature you are now able to stumble upon hidden gems and uncover new music like never before.

Simply describe what you would like to hear in a few words and Supersearch will give you some recommendations; just like asking a friend or your favourite independent record store guru.

In addition to Supersearch, Volumio AI introduces a host of other new features, designed to further enhance the enjoyment of your music collection:

Related Artists and Albums

  • Volumio AI adds a new feature that presents you with related artists and albums as you browse. If those related artists or albums are located in your library — whether in your favourite streaming service or local files — Volumio AI’s Supersearch will be able to access them.

Infinity Playback: Where the Music Never Sleeps

  • Volumio AI’s Infinity Playback feature is like having your own personal DJ who never runs out of tracks, delivering a never-ending musical journey. Reach the end of your playback queue, and Volumio AI will automatically load new related tracks for your listening pleasure.

Redesigned User Interface: A Sleek, Optimised User-experience

  • The team at Volumio have been working hard to bring a new, refined interface to Volumio AI. Clutter free, it’s an interface that lets your music shine through. This new optimised visual experience has been designed to make navigating through your cherished artists and albums both effortless and enjoyable.

Volumio’s high-quality, easy to use, universal Music Player is available now as a free version, or a paid premium version that includes the new Supersearch, Related Artists & Albums, and Infinity Playback features.

Premium pricing: €59,99 annually, or €6.49 per month / £51.99 annually, or £5.99 per month / $US69.99 annually or $US7.49 per month.

For further information on Volumio’s Music Player ecosytem, Volumio AI, and their range of dedicated digital audio streamers, please click here.

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