Updates now available on all original Zesto Power Amps

Updates now available on all original Zesto Power Amps

If you are the owner of an original Bia 120 Stereo Amp or the original Eros 300 monoblocks, perhaps it’s time for a factory update?

What’s the difference between a product update and a product upgrade?

Upgrades are associated with a model change. Updates are “awesome tweaks” in components and wiring that benefit the sonics and increase reliability. In this case, there is no upgrade path or model change for a Bia 120 to the new Bia 200 stereo amp or the Eros 300 cannot be upgraded to an Eros 500 Monoblock.

What’s in the Update?

This update is extensive. We are replacing 2 printed circuit boards and rewiring all the associated circuitry. We are also updating several new components throughout. We found that all these changes further reduce the noise and sonic resonance, as well as increasing the life of your tubes and overall reliability of the amps.

For more information, pricing and scheduling please contact:

carolyn@zestoaudio.com 805-807-1841


Should you update your Zesto Bia120?  I recommend it. Last fall I traded a solid state amp for a used Zesto Bia 120 and a mess of tubes. My Wilson Sasha DAW speakers like tube amps.  I had heard and liked the Bia120 when it first came out and was excited about how it would sound. But after listening and rolling tubes for a few months I called George and he suggested an amp update/tune up, I agreed, and the difference has been amazing.  The windows got washed.  My musician wife, whose comments are usually limited to “turn it down”, even commented upon how much clearer everything now sounded. This amp has gotten a lot of use by me, and I know the previous owners did the same. I am not a technical guy; but updating some critical parts at this time made perfect sense to me and we have been really pleased with the results.   

Jay Adams Knight – Happy Customer – August 2023

Eros 300 monoblocks

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