The Jay Jay French Connection, Episodes 71-75

The Jay Jay French Connection, Episodes 71-75


Episode 71

The renowned actress Catherine Mary Stewart is this week’s guest on The Jay Jay French Connection: Beyond the Music! Join Jay Jay & Catherine for another conversation that truly goes beyond the music. Hear the story of how Jay Jay & Catherine connected earlier this month when both working & signing autographs at a horror con event in New Jersey, & how immediately upon meeting Jay Jay told Catherine about his appreciation for her acting, as “Weekend at Bernie’s” is one of his all time favorite films. Hear all about Catherine’s upbringing in Canada & how passions combined with her unique journey led her to pursue acting & to become the actress that she is today. Catherine also gets into some of her favorite stories & experiences working in film & theater, including playing the role of Gwen Saunders in Weekend at Bernie’s and Kayla Brady in Days of our Lives. Catherine goes on to discuss current projects, & her newfound passion for directing.

Episode 72

This week’s special guest is actor & singer Barry Bostwick! The talented & energetic actor has built an amazing legacy through both film & theatre performance. Barry has received both a Golden Globe & a Tony Award for his acting, & is well known for portraying Brad Majors in the musical comedy The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Jay Jay & Barry get along over their musical experiences, and chat about the differences between the creative communities in New York vs Los Angeles over the years. Hear the story of how Barry landed his role in Rocky Horror, Hollywood’s doubt & unawareness of its value upon its release, & what it has been like to be a part of this cult institution. This insightful episode has countless gems of stories, & is a must listen for all film, theater & music buffs.

Episode 73

This episode is a must listen for any new artist entering the music business & looking for advice on how to navigate the world of social media. New artists frequently ask Jay Jay for advice – & now, for the first time, Jay Jay & his guest, American idol metal singer, 24-year old Adam Ezegelian – lead singer of Adam & The Metal Hawks – will take you through all the steps you need to master & fulfill all of your Rockstar dreams. Adam gained listener’s attention when starring on Season 14 of American Idol, & has since furthered his notoriety through live performances, & becoming a viral sensation with his band Adam & The Metal Hawks. Jay Jay & Adam discuss the parallels & differences between the state of Rock n Roll now to where it was in the 80’s. They get into how the digital age has affected the music industry, for better or for worse, and discuss how to best navigate the current musical landscape. Jay Jay talks about why he views Adam’s music in such a high regard, & how his raw talent immediately stuck out to him after catching their band perform live earlier this year. You won’t want to miss this conversation, only on The Jay Jay French Connection: Beyond the Music!

Episode 74

This week Jay Jay welcomes a very special guest – James “JC” Curleigh, President & CEO of Gibson Brands! Jay Jay’s love for Gibson guitars began all the way back in 1968 when he purchased his first Gibson SG Special in New York – which in Jay Jay’s words, was the “beginning of his love affair with Gibson guitars.” JC & Jay Jay have quite a bit of guitar knowledge to talk about, to say the least. Both JC & Jay Jay discuss their relationship with Gibson guitars over the years, & why they find the iconic brand to be inimitable in the world of guitar making. Hear JC talk all about his amazing history working to transform various brands, and how he’s now heading figuring the future of the Gibson brand out in Nashville. Don’t miss this conversation, only on The Jay Jay French Connection: Beyond the Music!

Episode 75

This week we have a very special episode in which Jay Jay answers his fan’s questions! Jay Jay is joined by his social media manager Tor Caracappa – Tor reads off fan’s best questions that were submitted, & Jay Jay responds with some amazing unheard gems of answers & consequent stories. This episode is a must listen for all fans of Twisted Sister & Jay Jay’s music – don’t miss it, & reach out to if you have any questions to ask Jay Jay yourself!

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