The Jay Jay French Connection, Episodes 61-65

The Jay Jay French Connection, Episodes 61-65


Episode 61

This week we’re revisiting a classic episode from earlier last year – guitar virtuoso, composer, songwriter & producer Steve Vai joins Jay Jay for a one of a kind conversation on this special episode of The Jay Jay French Connection. Listen to Steve tell the story of how he began his career – as a transcriptionist for Frank Zappa – at the insanely young age of 18! Steve shares this and many other stories about his remarkable journey in music, and how he became the musical polymath that he is today. Jay Jay & Steve talk discuss their guitar collections, Steve going to see Twisted Sister play in Long Island NY as a kid, notable influences, and much more. Don’t miss this week’s episode of The Jay Jay French Connection: Beyond the Music!

Episode 62

This week’s guest is Pete Compton, the cultural researcher who co-directed the recently released documentary “The Beatles and India.” The Beatles And India is an unforgettable audio-visual experience that spotlights the legacy of their visit to India, chronicling The Beatles’ crucial role as avatars of a musical movement inspiring newfound societal and cultural awareness, weaving the fabric of pop and Indian music into a unified force of positivity and spiritual exploration. Hear all about Peter’s experience working on this film, & how they sourced & compiled all of the unique material for the documentary. This film offers a lens into the deep impact that India & Indian music had on The Beatles and their musical output. Don’t miss this conversation, and be sure to check out the documentary which is now available on BritBox!

Episode 63

This week Eddie Kramer joins Jay Jay for his second time on the podcast – the legendary engineer & producer is joined by his friend & business partner, producer/director John McDermott. This episode concentrates on the work that Eddie and John did on the audio restoration & transfer of the music for the Grammy award winning dvd’s “The American Folk Blues Festival 1962-1966.” The music and performances embodied on these dvd’s are not only some of Jay Jay’s favorite musical gems, they are an important historical legacy of American Blues music that must be kept in the conscience of anyone (especially musicians) who seek to learn about the very foundations of what was to become the bedrock of Rock n Roll.
Eddie, John & Jay Jay also discuss Jimi Hendrix, their mutual deep love for the Blues, and some of their ongoing projects that are in store for 2022. Don’t miss this insightful interview, and be sure to check out the documentary “The American Folk Blues Festival 1962-1966, Vol. 1.”

Episode 64

This week’s guest is guitar virtuoso Oz Noy! Jay Jay strongly believes that his friend Oz is one of the absolute best guitarists alive today – & in this episode you’ll hear all about why. Oz’s international impact in music has been undeniable – he’s known to blend the worlds of Jazz, Funk, Rock, Blues & R&B on a level that is unparalleled. Oz discusses his upbringing, & the deep well of musical ground that he has studied, been influenced by, & now incorporates today in his own music. Check out Oz’s website below, and be sure to catch him on his upcoming tour with The Oz Noy Trio Feat. Dennis Chambers & Jimmy Haslip.

Episode 65

This week’s episode again goes beyond the music – as Jay Jay welcomes guest Dr. Andrea Natale. Dr. Natale is a pioneer in the treatment of Atrial Fibrillation (also known as AFIB), which Jay Jay previously lived with. 17 years ago, Dr Natale successfully cured Jay Jay’s AFIB through a cardiac ablation procedure. Tune in this week to hear about Jay Jay’s experience dealing with AFIB, its causes, latest treatments & cures. Only on The Jay Jay French Connection: Beyond the Music !

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