• The Vinyl Frontier: A Spin Through Record Store Day

    Click here to jump to the highlights and special releases of the 2024 edition. On April 20th, vinyl enthusiasts and music aficionados around the globe unite for a celebration that spins beyond just a routine shopping spree—it’s Record Store Day, the annual event that’s been putting the needle back on the beloved grooves of vinyl…

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  • How I Became an Audiophile

    “Sometime in the 1990s that slumbering beast within, audiophilus obsessivus, awakened.”

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  • Jazz Icon to TV Host: Nat King Cole’s Color-Breaking Journey

    In a turbulent era where the winds of change blew against the rigid walls of racial prejudice, a virtuoso arose, commandeering the airwaves with a voice so smooth it could soothe even the tempests of societal unrest. Nat King Cole, the masterful pianist and velvety-voiced crooner, boldly carved a path through the tumultuous landscapes of…

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