• Guitar Flames and Fame: Jimi Hendrix’s Explosive Monterey Debut

    On June 18, 1967, the Monterey Pop Festival bore witness to a performance that would become legendary in the annals of rock history. Jimi Hendrix, a relatively unknown guitarist at the time, took the stage and delivered a performance that catapulted him into superstardom and forever changed the landscape of rock music. This electrifying set,…

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  • Hendrix’s Guitar Inferno at Monterey

    The stage, lit only by spotlights and the soft glow of amplifiers, became his canvas. From the opening riffs, the audience was entranced. Each note, each chord was not just heard but felt

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  • Rock Chronicles, Part 2 — The adventures of Delaney & Bonnie

    Last you heard from me, husband-and-wife singing duo Delaney & Bonnie were working on their album Home, their first recording on the Memphis-based Stax label, between February and November of 1968. The general idea in the minds of the Stax executives was to create an album that would introduce the world to the “first white…

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