Major Tom

  • David Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’: A Cosmic Journey Through Sound

    On July 11, 1969, as the world braced for the monumental Apollo 11 moon landing, an emerging David Bowie released “Space Oddity,” a song that would soon become a defining anthem of the space age. Just days before humans first set foot on the moon, Bowie’s cosmic tale of Major Tom captured the imagination of…

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  • Bowie’s Unseen Beginnings: His 1965 Debut With The Manish Boys

    In the labyrinthine annals of rock history, where stars are forged and legends are etched into the ether, the ascent of David Bowie from an enigmatic fledgling to a celestial paragon of music and style unfurls a narrative rich with transformation, innovation, and sheer audacity. Picture this: the year is 1965, an era when the…

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