Love Me Do

  • The Beatles Before the Blitz

    Flashback to 1961, a dimly lit Cavern Club in Liverpool, and a band about to explode into the stratosphere of rock legend. This is where we find The Beatles, raw and unrefined, far from their Sgt. Pepper days. Picture John Lennon, a youthful 20, and Paul McCartney, 19, strumming and crooning, while George Harrison, 18,…

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  • From Liverpool to Living Rooms: The Beatles’ Debut Single Takes TV by Storm

    In the cavernous echoes of Liverpool’s bubbling music scene, a revolutionary resonance was brewing, and it was about to reverberate through the unassuming screen of regional television. On October 17, 1962, fresh off the release of their debut single “Love Me Do,” The Beatles magnetized the airwaves on Granada Television’s “People and Places.” Here in…

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